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How we help our clients

Where is your time best spent?

When we asked Founders and Leadership Teams at startups about recruiting and hiring.

These are the top three responses: 

Don't have time
Not good at it
Dread doing it

How does not having your open positions filled impact your business?

We get it because we have been there, you’re busy. When you add in hiring duties, your weekly workload can become unmanageable.  What should you be doing in your business instead of spending your personal time recruiting?

Focus on what you do best and let Carbon 3 recruit for you.  Recruiting is what we do best. 

What else could do with 162 hours?

Total: 162 Hours

Just think about what else you could accomplish in nearly one month’s time. Every day your position isn’t filled, your time-to-fill rate goes up. Costs rise across the board.

The cost of a bad hire

According to recent studies, a bad hire can cost $250k-$800k+.  It can be crippling to a company’s culture to make a bad hire.  Here is a breakdown of costs associated with a bad hire.  

Total Compensation= Salary + Benefits example.. $50k salary = $62-70k

5 months until the new hire reaches full productivity

Cost of Workplace

Breakeven point

Training costs

Cost of Maintaining an employee

Bad moral


Disruption costs


Mistakes, failures, missed business opportunities

Management burnout

Recruiting, training, onboarding



Calculate the cost of hiring

Try our proprietary hiring calculator now



As the Founder or CEO of a startup, you can’t afford this kind of financial disruption. Carbon 3 takes pride in (or values) hiring the right people that align with each company culture, which is why our retention rate is impeccable. (or which is why we have only had to exercise our guarantee two times in 12 years. 


What’s your methodology? 

Current Method and What it should be?

Post Jobs

Review Applications



Current Company


Create Employee Value Propositions


Develop Cultural Values

Create Employee Value Propositions

Plan and Create Process

Set Timelines

Engage and Connect


Onboard and Train

Create growth and succession plan 

The C3 Way

Our methodology

Why Settle?

​We provide our employer clients with strategic consulting and candidate-vetting to quickly find the most qualified people to strengthen and grow their business. In addition to recruiting, we offer HR operational services and on-boarding services for start-ups.  We build our clients brands by virtually marketing their company to our extensive network of business contacts. Build Your Company Now.

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“We have been working with Brooke at Carbon Three for nearly three years now and have been blown away by the highly qualified candidates she’s quickly and consistently found for us. Brooke is a very skilled recruiter with excellent candidate assessment skills – not only does she find candidates that have our required (and difficult to find) blend of skills, but also candidates that are a perfect fit for our company culture. When working with Brooke, I am confident our managers are getting the support they need to find the best candidates for their team, leaving me to focus on other important areas of HR. Brooke moves quickly and is able to match our hiring speed, providing an exceptional candidate & manager experience! We love working with Brooke and are looking forward to partnering with her on future job openings.”

                                                                                                                             - Yami Rodriguez, Senior HR Manager, Fuel Cycle


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