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Recruiting Services

Services and Packages

Our Recruiting Packages

You need the right people to scale your startup. Work with C3, and we’ll help you put together the team to help you drive growth. Whether you are looking for sourcing help, need to hire teams or have to hire one or two people, we have a package that meets your needs. 


3-Month Subscription

Essential recruiting subscription to help startups with quarterly hiring and recruitment needs but need the support and trust of a value added partner which acts as an internal team. 

6-Month Subscription

Comprehensive subscription  for startups that may have growth fluctuation and need the support and trust of value added partner that acts as an internal team.

12-Month Subscription

Our most powerful subscription service for startups that have a yearly growth plan or have fluctuating hiring needs who need the support and trust of a value added partner which acts an internal team.

Hourly Services

Immediate recruiting and/or sourcing for one or more positions billed hourly.

Project-Based Fee

We provide a dedicated search team and fixed fee installment structure to help with budgeting when there are three or more positions to be hired within a set timeframe. Our model is built for speed and precision



Contingency Fee

A risk-free relationship with the fee calculated as a % of the base salary for each position.  

Sourcing Services

Our sourcing services support your recruiting team by providing active and passive candidates who are qualified and interested. Our sourcing services are great for companies that have to hire multiple team members within a set timeframe and have an internal recruiting support team.

Flat Fee

An exclusive search that makes budgeting easier with a set flat fee for each position we fill.

Customized Package

Create a customized package of recruiting and HR services tailored to your needs. Connect with us to create your custom package.


Additional Services 

C3 offers additional services that can be added to any recruiting plan.  

Background Checks

Looking to get a background check done? Look no further.  C3 provides several different options.

Culture Value Assessment

We provide an assessment that is taken by the leadership team and employees to define the culture and values of organization.

Individual/Personality Assessments

Clarify the way someone thinks and reacts to help predict how people may respond in different situations.

Travel Agency Services

Need assistance booking travel for in-person interviews?

Market Analysis

Market analysis services provide clients with the unique information they need to stay ahead of competition.

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