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Our Story

It was through the encouragement of my clients back in the day, that I started Carbon Three in 2008 now known as Carbon 3 Recruiting, which was at the beginning of the major economic downturn.  Had it not been for them planting the seed and their continuous encouragement, I may not have taken that first step and I will be forever grateful to them.  I started with a laptop, pad of paper, a pen and my phone. The first year wasn’t easy. 

Due to noncompete stipulations, I was forced to move in with my mom for the first year.  We created a desk with a slab of formica in her laundry/pantry nook, which also housed the dog bowls and dog food. I remember sitting at this desk with the washer and dryer going at full speed making calls to CEOs.  Regardless of the circumstances, the bad economy and the inconvenient office environment, I was determined to be make it work.  There have been many ups and downs and learning experiences but eleven years later the company is going strong.  If you have the grit, vision and determination, you can achieve anything you want. 


Brooke Dunwell

CEO and Founder

As an entrepreneur and a recruiting leader, I understand the challenges of hiring, building teams/companies, interviewing and landing your dream job.  Building established start-ups is my jam. Creating company cultures is my strength and passion! It is like building an intricate puzzle getting the right piece that fits perfectly and merging them all together to form a masterpiece.  I like awesomeness and authenticity! I have over 15 years of recruiting knowledge, wisdom and experience. My clients like to say I have a PHD in recruiting, hiring and building company cultures. My mission is to help you discover and utilize your strengths and authenticity.  I am the Founder/CEO of boj, Owner of Beyond Your Compass and Podcast Host for The Wild Feather and Is Everyone Smiling. 




  • We build a long-term relationship with you by functioning as your recruiting team

  • We conduct client, industry and market research

  • We plan, create and implement your customized hiring strategy

  • We connect with qualified candidates that align with your company culture, values, and needs

  • We execute the interview process

  • We hire the right people that align with your culture

  • We provide you with weekly status updates with a 90 day - 6-month guarantees

Our Values

  • Adaptability

  • Collaborative

  • Empowerment

  • Mindful

  • Encouraging

  • Authentic

  • Perseverant

  • Flexible

  • Creative & Strategic

  • Giving

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