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4 Hiring Challenges Employers Face in 2021 (And How to Overcome Them)

Updated: May 3, 2021

Recruiting in 2021 will look vastly different than it did in previous years. With COVID-19, many employers have found that virtual recruitment is the wave of the future.

Employers are also faced with an increasingly remote workforce. This can present challenges on its own, but when coupled with hiring, can affect the overall culture of your business.

In this article, we look at four hiring challenges employers face in 2021 (and how to overcome them).

#1: Virtual Recruiting

With the pandemic, many companies have conducted interviews through video chat platforms like Zoom and Skype. Hiring managers are finding this complete virtual hiring process works.

Not only is it easy to do, but it’s cost-effective. However, the hiring process is now taking more time and requiring more interviews in the process. Hiring leaders are doing their due diligence in vetting the candidates by getting several people involved, which has its positives and negatives.

The old saying, "Too many spoons in the kettle" rings true. Getting more than five interviewers to agree on the same candidate isn't always easy. Lengthy processes can dilute the process, experience, and impact for potential hires.

Many companies may do their hiring completely virtual, or they may move to a hybrid hiring model that combines both virtual and in-person aspects.

There are hiring challenges, though. The first is a technology issue. Businesses need to use the right software while optimizing their internet so there aren’t any lost connections. They’ll also need to incorporate the human touch as well. This will help especially when others are competing for the same candidates.

The second challenge is deciding how to make the hybrid model work. Deciding when to use virtual tools and when to go in-person is going to take some planning.

Coordinating this new virtual way of hiring can really help your costs and save you time, but you’ll have to balance both carefully to keep the human touch.

#2: Diversity Hiring

Companies around the world have pledged to hire a more diverse workforce. This starts with the hiring process.

Businesses will find that with so many unemployed people, their talent pools have greatly expanded. This can be challenging, but it can also be promising as companies have better access to candidates from all groups.

It can be challenging to set a hiring process when diversity matters. Companies have to be careful to straddle the line and not go too far one way or the other.

This is where the recruiter comes in, helping businesses find the best and most diverse talent so you can meet your diversity goals.

#3: Standing Out from the Competition

It will be a unique hiring environment in 2021. The market is overwhelmed with talented and highly skilled workers.

You are sure to pick the best candidates, but your company won’t be the only one trying to hire these people. The challenge in 2021 will be standing out from the hiring competition and getting the best team for your open positions.

It is a very competitive landscape right now. Many workers will be courted by other companies, so it’s important that you develop a solid hiring strategy that attracts the best talent. Workers are leveraging their compensation to squeeze the most out of companies. However, companies are getting stricter and leaner with their compensation packages, which makes it tough when trying to hire top talent.

A recruiter can help you with your strategy for competing in this unique job market.

#4: Staff Retention

Another hiring challenge employers may face in 2021 involves retaining those crucial team members. Because the pandemic is shaping the way your office works, many employers will find human resources support vital to your employee retention.

You want to ensure that your employees still feel appreciated and valued. You want them to respect the way you have handled the pandemic, so they feel like you care. Company leaders have to get creative to continue to engage their employees and bring them together.

The way you handle your human resources and work to set your company culture will have a big effect on your employee retention and likewise with future hiring.

Final Thoughts

Hiring right is one of the biggest hiring challenges businesses face, and that’s compounded in 2021. But the future of hiring does look positive for many businesses.

With the vaccine in the arms of people in 2021, business seems to be moving forward at an intense speed. This means more recruiting and hiring.

As companies work to ramp up, they can overcome the challenges presented in 2021 by creating a strong employee value proposition, building a strong company culture, valuing their employees, getting creative with their recruiting approach, and implementing a smooth and streamline hiring process.


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