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Why Company Culture Drives Recruiting in 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Every business has their own company culture. This may be something you defined from the beginning, or it may be something that has evolved over time.

Whichever way yours began, it can have a strong impact when it comes to your hiring efforts.

In this article, we look at why company culture drives recruiting in 2021. First, let’s define company culture.

What is Company Culture?

It is the force that drives your employees. Not only does it influence their decisions and their actions, but perhaps more importantly it impacts their attitudes in the workplace.

If you set it from the beginning days of your business, it may have evolved from your shared values, mission statement, communication style, company work style, management, and everyday workplace practices.

Your company culture can inform the employee morale of your business. It affects how your staff feels while working for you. A positive company culture increases productivity while a negative company culture can destroy it.

Bottom line, your company culture is your company’s personality. Because of its importance, let’s look at how it can drive your recruiting efforts in 2021.

Potential New Hires Look for Cultural Fit

In a year ripe with uncertainty and stress, your future employees want to find a workplace where they are comfortable and can thrive.

They are looking for just the right fit, and your company culture defines that “fit.”

When you’re in the middle of the hiring process, give prospective candidates a chance to meet your team members.

They can learn a lot from encounters with your staff and determine quickly if they’re a cultural fit.

In addition, you can learn whether one of your candidates will fit in your company culture. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who doesn’t “fit” within the parameters you’ve set.

Company Culture Determines Productivity

Another reason your culture drives recruiting is because it will impact the future productivity of your candidates.

You want to hire someone with the values, personality, and overall goals that will align with your company. By doing this, they’ll be happier in the workplace and more likely to be productive team members.

Company Culture Sets Employee Morale

When you hire good cultural fits, you can watch your employee morale rise. Conversely, one bad hire can really set your employee morale back.

For example, if you hire someone who complains a lot and is unhappy at work, those feelings can spread through your workplace like wildfire.

You want a positive work environment, so it pays to really uncover whether your potential new hire will fit in your company culture.

Company culture is vital to your overall employee morale because you don’t want any trickle down of negativity.

Company Culture Increases Employee Retention

Another reason cultural fit is important is because new hires that fit are less likely to leave and more likely to stick around.

Employee turnover is costly, and this is why your company culture is important to your recruiting efforts.

When you decrease employee churn, you save money on recruiting and training. Ultimately you increase overall productivity as well.

Final Thoughts

Company culture drives your recruiting efforts in 2021 because in the end it helps you attract the best candidates.

Businesses with a really positive company culture are well-known. Word gets around, and top talent wants to work for you.

Let your strong company culture drive your recruiting efforts so you can ferret out the very top candidates.

In addition, communicate your company culture during the interview process to give potential hires the ability to decide whether your business is a good fit for them, too.


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