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It’s a Great Time to Recruit

Now that we are oh-so-slowly returning to normal, this is an ideal time to take a good, hard look at your team. You had the unique opportunity to observe them all in a whole new light over these past challenging months. Do you like what you saw? Or are some changes in order?

This is a great time to recruit. Why? Many excellent candidates have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Everyone is eager to get back to work. And just as you’ve been assessing your team through the quarantine period, rest assured they have been assessing you right back.

How have your employees measured up through the work-from-home period? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Were they flexible enough to adjust to the changes and uncertainty we were all going through, or so rigid and staid that their productivity took a deep dive?

  • Did they problem-solve on their own or did they need constant direction and feedback?

  • Were they self-starters – or slackers?

  • Were they positive contributors in a difficult time, or Debbie Downers spreading bad morale?

  • How did your managers cope? Were they nimble, fluid and showing empathy, giving their people the guidance and support they needed?

  • Did your salespeople come up with creative solutions or alternate options for clients who cancelled or delayed contracts? Did they work their pipelines?

  • Have you had a shift in the direction of your business? You may want to rewrite job descriptions and change the scope of some roles.

  • Along those lines, are your employees cross-functional so you can alter responsibilities as needed? As you have no doubt learned, it’s good policy to broaden everyone’s scope so the finance person can also help out in operations, for instance, or salespeople can assist with marketing.

  • Most importantly, is everyone aligned with your company’s mission and values? Have you been missing a component or team member who could catapult your business to the next level? Time to fill that gap! As business writer Jim Collins notes, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Once you thoroughly evaluate each employee, you may decide to replace some team members or add to the staff. But you don’t have to do it alone. This is the time to use the power of outsourcing. Leverage your time and maximize your ability to drive profitability by working with Carbon Three Recruiting. We recruit … so you don’t have to.

At Carbon Three, we work with established startups that are ready to scale. We know how to connect with the right people; qualify them to understand their strengths, values, goals and life mission; and help you hire the ones who align with your company’s values, goals and mission.

This will be a challenging year for the best of us. Having the best talent to help you achieve your revenue and productivity goals will help you finish out the year strong. We’re ready to help.

Carbon Three provides high-quality service, integrity, passion, insight and trust to both our clients and our job candidates. We offer recruiting, career building and HR services across the United States, and pride ourselves on building relationships worldwide. Visit or call President and Founder Brooke Dunwell direct at (847) 357-3094.

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