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Breaking Through the Soil and Rising Above

From the day you are born, you are formed by every experience that comes before you.

You begin like the tiny seeds planted in the ground in the early spring, before the last frost.

You, as the diminutive seeds, are buried, and yet you grow strong and tall like the plant through challenges like heavy spring rains, the unexpected frost and snowstorm, and even a few exceptionally hot days.

These unexpected challenges are like the daily struggles and obstacles you face in life: the loss of a family member, an irate boss, sickness, divorce, an unruly co-worker, unemployment, and more.

The key is overcoming these challenges and becoming the best person you can be.

In this article, let's gain insight, and learn how breaking through the soil, you are rising above.

Feelings Have No Permanence

Just like seeds don’t stay seeds, you don’t stay in the negative spaces. You can break through the soil of anger, loss, and discontent.

While emotions and feelings are the core of your motivation, they don’t have to keep you down when faced with disappointments.

It’s a good idea to accept and work through your feelings, but it’s also good to acknowledge that sometimes those feelings aren’t telling you the truth.

For example, you think your boss looked at you cross-eyed as he walked by your desk. It made you uncomfortable and worried he was upset with you. Yet, perhaps, your boss wasn’t even looking directly at you but at some unseen thing in his own mind.

This is why it’s important to work through your feelings and practice rising above. Don’t make any big decisions when you’re in the middle of something. Think about the feelings, and why they are there before you take action.

The Hard Work Comes

Multiple challenges hit people every day. Perhaps you’ve been hit with illness, loneliness, disappointment, job failure, death, rejection, loss of a partner, humility, shame, guilt, anger, setbacks, emotional and physical let downs, or even something else.

These challenges come into your life, and what defines you is how you deal with them and practice rising above.

Do you lash back at the spouse asking more of you than you can deliver? Do you quit a job because your boss pushes too hard? Did you make a mistake that you are embarrassed about?

While these are all heavy challenges, it’s a good idea to step back through a period of self-discovery.

Ask yourself what you can learn in these situations. Does this make the pain go away? No, but it can help you gain some clarity about the situation.

Oftentimes when there is a challenge, you need to be compassionate with yourself. Show yourself some kindness and love.

With a bit of self-love for yourself, you can find a path through the darkness.

You Blossom and Grow

By practicing self-care, you learn how rising above propels you over the challenge. You are like that tiny seed, pushing through the dirt, on a cold spring day, to shout out to the world, “I am here, and I can do this.”

When you push your way out of the mud, you blossom like the tiny seed. You turn into a colorful flower that reaches for the sun each day.

You did the hard work. You met your challenges head on and worked through all the barriers and obstacles.

You took adversity head on, you grew, and now you can do things beyond what you thought you could. By choosing to take positive action, you propelled yourself forward.

At the end of the day, you broke through the soil of challenge, rose above, and now you blossom at home and at work.

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