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It's back to school and that means transitioning back into a routine. I find healthy routines so hard to start and stick to but I have found if I can follow through for two weeks then I stick with it. Making it through that two weeks is tough.

I use the 5-second rule concept from The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, which has helped immensely. In addition, I listen to motivational videos, visualize and start my day by listening, writing, and repeating affirmations to get myself going.

I think fear or self-doubt sets in without us realizing it. I am not scared of creating a video but deep down I am afraid of what people will think of my video so I push it down on my priority list.

I have learned that showing up as my authentic self and doing what God has laid on my heart to do, is what I shall do regardless if I have the courage.

Taking aligned action and pushing through it gives me courage. Just showing up and taking that initial step. I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect that I have to start somewhere.

Muting out and affirming over those voices in my head can be a daily occurrence but I urge you to keep going. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone on a daily basis to do a video, post a reel, a tweet, or whatever it may be. Heck, writing this blog is overcoming fear. Someone out there needs to hear this.

The last few weeks I found myself so overwhelmed at the thought of everything I had to do so I would shut down and focus on what I knew and came easy to me.

My business coach told me that I need to think of myself as a media company. Say what? Me.. a media company? How am I supposed to be all things media while doing the work that provides for my family?

Let's face it. We get inundated with emails, social media, webinars, videos, articles and so much more let alone all of the information and courses on algorithms, how to, best practices, etc. UGH! What works and what is best? My brain hurts.

My to-do list was so long it was ridiculous on top of my day job. The list was daunting and I was getting sidetracked and consumed with everything but that daunting list.

Then, I remembered a book I read a couple of years ago “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, which is a great book.

After taking a deep breath or two and giving myself a talk, I began breaking down the daunting list into topics or categories. Then I broke it down into daily, weekly, and monthly activities. Doing this made it easier to put it into a reasonable actionable to-do list and I am able to focus on one thing each day to accomplish. It feels great every day to mark off that one thing. Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

You may be asking yourself, why I am writing this personal blog when our content is more recruiting-related. Well, I think many people can relate and may feel similar, and quite honestly, I am writing what was pressing in my mind.

I encourage you to focus on one thing each day and you will start checking off the list and feeling better every day.

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