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One-on-One Coaching

You Have 6 Seconds to Make an Impression with Your Resume.
Does your resume pass the test? 

Need help with your resume?  Not getting interviews? Struggle with interviewing? Are you spending hours applying to jobs and not getting results?  Need help with Career Transition? 

We offer One-on-One coaching or an online course. 

I will give you a step by step process you can use to land your dream job. In the One on One Coaching, I will work with you in one-on-one meetings to teach you how to market yourself through uncovering your strengths, skills, and value.  I will teach you how to leverage your strengths to make an impact.  We will create a resume that gets the attention of hiring leaders and sets you apart from others. Together, we will create a career plan and a strategy to get there. 


You will learn how to navigate through the job market and bypass job postings to prevent from falling into the dark abyss. I will teach you interviewing skills and tools that will enhance your interviewing experience, which will enable you to not only stand out from others but will get you the job of your choice. 


You will walk away with a polished resume, a career plan, excellent interviewing skills, more confidence, and will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to get your dream job. Companies will start seeking you out!  

What is included:

Build & Create a Resume That Stands Out

Uncover Your Strengths, Accomplishments, and Value

How to Market Yourself

Create a Linkedin Profile

Create a Career Strategy & a Career Plan 

Learn Interviewing Techniques 

Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

How to Bypass Job Boards & Job Postings 

Target List of Jobs & Companies 

Introductions to Companies & Hiring Leaders 

Tools & Resources

Free Interview Guideline E-book

Free Interview Questions and Tips E-book

Free How to Get the Job book


Get A Job: Learn how to build/polish your resume, learn interview techniques that will impress any hiring manager, create a career strategy plan, and learn how to bypass job postings. 

Online Course

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 I've been in the job market for quite some time, and had my share of unreliable recruiters. Brooke was like a lighthouse during a storm. She managed everything seamlessly, was very quick to answer any of my questions, coached me, frequently engaged the employer, and more importantly was honest throughout the whole process. I now work in this position and feel exactly where I wanted to be!"


                                                                                                                                                                                                      - John


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