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Security & Storage

Security technology is a critical part of IT infrastructure as organizations strive to defend against a rapidly evolving threat landscape. These can include anti-malware, mobile device management, network access control, next-generation firewalls, authentication and authorization, intrusion and prevision systems. The right security technology can deliver stronger protection, more control and greater visibility while enabling more secure access, processing and storage. Data storage technology is a core function and fundamental component of computers. We work with companies that are changing the way organizations store, back up, manage, use and recovery data. Companies providing data storage technology are providing   software, hardware, data centers, analytics, date lifecycle management, automation, flexibility, storage capacity, storage class memory, intent-based storage management, servers, racks, colocation, public cloud, private cloud, mobility, virtualization,  abstraction, real-time scalability, resource management, optimization, on premises systems and solutions and more.

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